Courses Being Offered in 2017

Hands-On Healing

A course in awakening Your Healing Capacities

March 10-12, 25-26 2017

Opening Your Ka Channels

The Ka body is our divine double, and opening the Ka channels enables you to become the living embodiment of your Higher Self expressed through your physical form.

March 17-19, April 21-23, June 2-4, september 8, 2017

Trips Being Taken in 2017!

Delfi, Greece; May 2017

Lake Titicaca, Peru; Oktober 2017

BookCoverWe Are The Future Earth:

Reflections of a healer’s pilgrimage to Argentina’s spiritual heartland

By Gary Kendall with Ulla Anderén

Cover art by Ruby Barnes

Now available at Amazon in paperback and for Kindle:
Also available in Stockholm at Vattumannen book store, and in the US at Shaman’s Market

The central story of this book traces Gary’s and Ulla’s repeated journeys to the Salta region of northwestern Argentina. As they travel from one powerful energetic site to another, the ancient spirits share revelations about humanity’s history and future evolution. Woven within this tale are insights into the path of personal healing and how we take back control of our creative power. The ultimate goal here is to arrive at a clear and practical vision of how we create the future earth.

View Gary at Wesak 2016

In May Gary and Ulla visited Mt. Shasta, CA, where Gary made presentations at the Wesak Festival. You can view these here or on our YouTube channel.

Read our 2016 Newsletter from Egypt.

Read about our work with Goddess Antares and about Metatron’s Sphere. Here.


Latest news

Gary at Wesak

Gary will be a featured speaker at the WESAK conference in Mt. Shasta, California, May 20-22. If you are interested in attending, tickets and information are available at

Egypt Adventure

It has been some time since Ulla and I did earthwork like we used to. But it seems that our connection to Goddess Antares has led us to a new kind of earthwork. We recently returned from Egypt where we did work in Giza. We also began working with Metatron's Sphere. Click above to read!