Courses Being Offered in 2018

Location: Stockholm; For more information: contact Gary

 Opening Your Ka Channels
The Ka body is our divine double, and opening the Ka channels enables you to become the living embodiment of your Higher Self expressed through your physical form.
March 23-25, April 20-22, May 4-6, May 25-27, 2018

Professional Training (FSP 3)

Professional Training will help you develop and expand your healing capacities with an eye on working with clients. When you begin working as an independent healer and you are receiving your own clients, you are the one who essentially sets the agenda for the healing sessions. Professional Training will help you to move from healing student to healing practitioner.
November 25-26, 2017, February 3-4, March 3-4, 2018

Trips Being Taken in 2018!

Iceland: June 26-30, 2018 (Filled to capacity!)

Pilgrimage to Egypt: October 15-26, 2018 (Sold Out)
Coming Back to Oneness!
Sponsored by Dolphin Star Temple

Join Gary Kendall for a workshop along the Nile and a spiritual pilgrimage to Ancient Egypt’s most sacred temples. We follow in the footsteps of Amorah Quan Yin’s pilgrimage to Egypt in 2002. Read more!

BookCoverAloneSmBreaking Bubbles and Awakening Oneness

By Gary Kendall, illustrations by Ingrid Maria Ericsson

Gary Kendall’s new book is available now. In the tradition of Amorah Quan Yin, a fresh and moving new perspective on your healing and spiritual evolution! At the heart of Breaking Bubbles are stories about the healings of people who have found a way to break through the persistent obstacles in their lives and to enter into a different relationship with their identity and their spiritual life. More information HERE.

Join Gary’s On-line Course in Hands-On Healing

Hands-OnMediaImageTake a look at our video preview of Hands-On Healing on YouTube This course will enable you to express your healing capacities in the most simple and natural way. It introduces you to how to use your hands’ healing capacities and how to open the flow of divine healing energies through you. You can find out more here, or sign up directly for Hands-On Healing.  

 Latest news

Namibia and Table Mountain

Read about Gary's and Ulla's journey into the Namibian desert and their return to Table Mountain on Facebook [ ].

Gary and Ulla at Table Mountain in South Africa

The Light of Antares and the City of Light at Cape Town. In the era before humans, Table Mountain was

Gary at Wesak

Gary will be a featured speaker at the WESAK conference in Mt. Shasta, California, May 20-22. If you are interested