Trips Being Taken in 2018!

Iceland: June 26-30, 2018 (Filled to capacity!)

Pilgrimage to Egypt: October 15-26, 2018
Coming Back to Oneness!
Sponsored by Dolphin Star Temple

Join Gary Kendall for a workshop along the Nile and a spiritual pilgrimage to Ancient Egypt’s most sacred temples. We follow in the footsteps of Amorah Quan Yin’s pilgrimage to Egypt in 2002. Read more!


Planetary work

The goal of our planetary work is to assist the Earth and all of humanity in shifting to their next, higher stage of spiritual evolution. We have entered a new era. 
This new era is about more than simply undoing damage caused by losing our spiritual clarity or regaining ancient lost knowledge. The old era is closed behind us and the new era has started us on a new adventure. We have the opportunity to give shape to the future through conscious co-creation with all of the inhabitants of the Earth. And we have the opportunity to start using our creative potential in a conscious way to create our future world.

“It may seem at times that the current structure of reality on earth is unshakable, that the Earth and her people could not possibly be ready to evolve to a higher level of consciousness, but there are particular places on the Earth where the knots that hold this structure are secured. Untie those knots and the structure of that reality can float away.”- Gary Kendall

Our Background Story

There was a pivotal day in Mt. Shasta, California, when Saint Germaine and the Sirian Masters of Light asked us to assist with the Earth’s transition by traveling to specific places around the world and to fulfill specific tasks to help shift the Earth toward a new higher-dimensional state. Since that day, we have worked steadily in cooperation with the ascended masters and the key star people to remove blockages to Earth’s evolution and to anchor the energetic structures of the New Earth. Looking back now, we can see that our planetary work has centered around the following tasks

  • Clearing and reactivating cities of light.
  • Clearing humanity’s contracts and traumas from ancient history.
  • Anchoring the ‘seeds’ of the new era as high-dimensional energy structures.
  • Re-opening the fullness of Earth’s connections to other star systems (Sirius, Andromeda, etc).

And now, the range of the work expands to embrace conscious co-creation with all of the beings of the earth. Step by step, we take back the power that we have given away to others, we clear blockages and trauma from ourselves and our environment—we create the new earth.

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Crystal mining in Namibia, the City of Light at Table Mountain, and more!

Earthwork Through the Years

Here is a list of the major places we have worked across the globe.

  • 2018 Cape Town, South Africa; Namibia; Iceland, Turkey, Egypt
  • 2017 Hawaii; France; Egypt; Delphi, Greece; Salta, Argentina; Bolivia; Peru
  • 2016 Egypt; Mt. Shasta, CA; Kilimanjaro, Tanzania; Bali, Indonesia
  • 2015 Mt. Shasta, CA; Salta, Argentina
  • 2014 Salta, Argentina; Mt. Shasta, CA; Egypt
  • 2013 Salta, Argentina; Egypt
  • 2012 Salta, Argentina
  • 2011 Salta, Argentina; Peru; Nepal
  • 2010 Mongolia; Egypt; Peru; Hawaii
  • 2009 Ireland; Sri Lanka
  • 2008 Ireland; Georgia; Peru; Cape Town, South Africa; Giza & Sinai, Egypt
  • 2007 Ushuaia, Argentina; Peru; Bali, Indonesia
  • 2006 Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania; Guam, South Pacific
  • 2005 Peru; Madeira, Portugal; Egypt
  • 2004 Guatemala; Peru

Earthwork Newsletters

From before our Facebook posts, here are some newsletters that describe how our groups have worked.

Egypt 2016 (pdf)
Mongolia 2010 (pdf)

Egypt 2010 (pdf)
Sri Lanka 2009 (pdf)
Cape Town 2008 (pdf)
Egypt 2008 (pdf)
Bali 2007 (pdf)
Mt. Kilimanjaro 2006 (pdf)
Guam 2006 (pdf)

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