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Living In the New Golden Age

The doorway to fifth-dimensional consciousness has opened and the transition into a new level of reality has begun. Strong high-dimensional energies are pouring into the Earth, changing our lives, our world—everything down to the structure of our cells.
We need to know how this will affect us and how we can help ourselves to transform our lives and our world into what we want them to be. It is time to leap into the fifth-dimensional light!

You are invited to join our two day workshop devoted to what is happening right now.

The guides have set the agenda:

  • Step into 5th-dimensional consciousness and stay connected.
  • Liberate the heart center from 3D limitations.
  • Heal yourself and others with the energy of Christ Consciousness.
  • Work with the Crystalline Energy, the sacred geometry of the 5D body.

We will also discuss:

  • How universal love can save the planet.
  • What is a fifth-dimensional being.

Holding the Light as Earth’s Caretaker

It is time to connect to nature in a much deeper way. Our evolution to a higher consciousness is not only about us humans; it is also about the planet and all of its beings. So, we need to open ourselves to the power of nature and the forces of the elements and become active co-creators of the future earth and all of the consciousness of the earth.

During the workshop we will be:

  • Making a stronger connection to our Higher-Self.
  • Connecting to the Crystalline Grid of the Earth.
  • Connecting with the Kingdoms of the Earth.
  • Strengthening the focus of our awareness.
  • Activating our heart centers.
  • Uniting heart and mind in unity consciousness.

Besides personal practices, during the workshop we will also discuss the early history of the earth and how that history clarifies our future evolution.

After FSP

A 3-day workshop designed for people who have graduated from the FSP courses (or divine oneness training). This workshop offers an alternative structure for healing sessions. Most importantly, this workshop is focused on important themes that are crucial for moving ahead into the new era: clearing the fear body, healing reactions to the fall from God, and releasing unexpressed feelings. There are handouts supporting the alternative techniques and healing themes.

Development Group

The goal of the Development Group is to provide a series of one-day meetings that offer an opportunity for continued personal development beyond the teachings of the FSPs and the ‘After FSP’ workshop. Participants practice new developments in energy body activation, awareness training, and connecting psychically to the new earth. We also work with partners around themes that are important for each person’s core evolution: clearing the container of the self, clearing the body-self, and releasing phantom memories. There are handouts supporting the healing themes.

Healing Circle

The Healing Circle is a place to give and to receive healing. It is a safe and non-judgmental setting in which we assist each other in our spiritual evolution. During each session two to three members will be invited to bring their issues to the circle and to receive healing from the group as a whole. This series of sessions is guided by Ulla and Gary in alignment with ‘divine oneness.’ This is also a place to practice and expand your healing skills, to learn new approaches, and to be of service to others.