Healing Yourself and Personal Healing Sessions

Ways you can heal yourself!

Each video contains a practical explanation and demonstration of a personal healing practice. Descriptions are shown below.

BB01 I Am Oneness (6:25) page 16

It is the most fundamental meditation. Gary takes you through the first of the meditation from Breaking Bubbles And Awakening Oneness.

Personal Healing Sessions

About Healing the Light-body

All life is spiritual life—from our hopes and loves to our fears and traumas. We walk through our lives suspended between the physical world and the world of spirit. The Divine Light within us that is our true essence  longs to shine forth and to transform everything that we are.

So many people experience their lives as boxed in by limitations, and often the biggest blockages are within ourselves. We believe that we are stuck with who we are: our heartbreaks, our fears, and our life situations—like a hand of cards we were dealt at birth and which we must hold onto throughout the rest of our lives. But it is only your belief that you have no options that makes you hold onto these cards. Time to let go of old assumption and to make changes in yourself.

We are here to help you. Our mission is to help you change your life in alignment with the highest spiritual potential for your life.

Heal the light-body and change your life. This is the challenge that spiritual life sets before you. You only need to wake up and recognize the power that you already have.


Scheduling Healing Sessions

Gary and Ulla are both available for individual healing sessions. Sessions typically last 75-90 minutes. A great deal of our work is conducted remotely through the internet. Otherwise, we schedule visits to our healing space in Östermalm, Stockholm. Many of our clients are themselves healers. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Contact Gary Kendall at: NewEarthVision@me.com
Contact Ulla Anderen at: