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Journey To Innocence Through the Soul

Your path of spiritual healing must eventually lead you to the doorstep of the soul where you encounter the true story of what has limited you through your many lifetimes. Standing in the doorway between you and your divine true soul-self are the deep wounds which have never healed as well as the ghosts of your own denial and your adaptations to life’s challenges. Your liberation relies on clearing that doorway and fully opening your connection to the true divinity held within your soul. Our partners in this endeavor are the angels who will guide us into the most sacred of all spaces. Hear them speak! They dedicate themselves to your return to innocence!

This program guides your healing work through the extended centers of soul, and it expands your understanding of soul’s connection with the whole light-body. The healing clears core issues that have been expressed through multiple lifetimes. 

The program includes:

• Focus on subpersonalities formed as adaptations to the stress of events that caused your soul rifts.

• Work with three major centers of the light-body that hold soul essence. These are centers in the perineum, the heart, and the crown. The perineum is particularly important for this lifetime. The crown is important for the evolution of our consciousness.

• Working to heal rifts in the light-body’s central channel similarly to the soul centers.

• Cleanse other parts of the light-body through making connections to the Soul Center and the divine true self.

Facts about the course.

Participants need to have completed Divine Oneness 2 (or FSP 2). 

Classes and supporting materials are presented in English.

Teacher: Gary Kendall

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Dates: Four session will be held Saturday and Sunday between 10:00 and 17:00.

September 28-29
October 12-13

Cost: 7500 SEK

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Opening Your Ka Channels

The Ka body is your divine double, and the process of opening your Ka-channels creates a bridge between your Higher Self and your physical body, so that you may become the living embodiment of your Higher Self expressed through your physical form. The clearing and further activation of the Ka channels offers a multitude of potentially life changing benefits. 

Each participant in this course will have their personal Ka channels cleared and opened as well as learning how to perform this gentle, beautiful, elegant procedure with others.

Amorah Quan Yin describes the meaning of Ka and the Ka channels in her book The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka.

  • Each Ka-channel embodies a very specific aspect of being a fully realized human being
  • Opening Ka channels is a continuation of spiritual traditions from ancient Lemuria, Atlantis, and Egypt.

Facts about the course.

Teacher: Gary Kendall

2025 dates to be announced.

For information contact:
Gary Kendall

Clearing your 8 Original Cells

This course gives you the opportunity to free yourself from influences that bind you to your biological heritage.

These cells, held in our perineum since birth, have a great impact on our lives due to the karmic and genetic material that they hold.  This course can clear influences from chemical processes during your mother’s pregnancy, as well as emotional and mental blockages that you have inherited from your parents.

We all know how important it is for our continued spiritual development that we dissolve the ties that bind us to the past and free ourselves to step into a higher state of consciousness.

Facts about the course.

Teachers: Gary Kendall and Ulla Anderen

2025 dates to be announced.

For information contact:
Gary Kendall

Divine Oneness (offered in Swedish)

A gentle yet powerful healing method that prepares you for the new era. The method teaches you to transform your mind and help you to release the limitations, blockages and foreign energies that prevent your true self from coming to expression. Divine Oneness heals the illusion that we are separate from everything around us—from the divine source, all-that-is.

2024 classes are finished.

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