Earth Work and Humanity's Evolution

The goal of Earth Work is to assist the Earth and all of Humanity in shifting to their next, higher stage of spiritual evolution. 
Welcome to the New Earth and the new era for humanity. It is a new adventure. We have the opportunity to shape the future through conscious co-creation with all of the consciousness of the Earth.  We clear blockages and trauma from ourselves and our world. Traditional EarthWork centers around:

  • Clearing traumas from ancient history and opening connections to ancient centers of light.
  • Anchoring the ‘seeds’ of the new era as high-dimensional energy structures.
  • Clearing humanity’s contracts and traumas from throughout history.

Earth Work has expanded to include anchoring the Light of Antares, a new consciousness for Humanity that is based in Oneness. And as the Light of Antares becomes more integrated with the Earth, the path into the new era becomes clearer and easier for all.

V13 Stillness (4:34)

While visiting the place he calls the Canyon of the Masters, Gary observes how the stillness of Nature can act as a portal. It enables us to experience many realms of the Earth. And with that portal, we can choose to move our consciousness into the fifth-dimensional Earth, even while we hold our third-dimensional body.

Earth Work Through the Years

Here is a list of the major places we have worked across the globe.

  • 2022 Salta, Argentina; Rila Mountain, Bulgaria; Egypt
  • 2021 Mt. Shasta, California; Santorini, Greece; Egypt
  • 2019 Flower Island, Philippines; Oland, Sweden; Glastonbury, England; Rila Mountain, Bulgaria; Salta, Argentina;
  • 2018 Cape Town, South Africa; Namibia; Iceland, Turkey, Egypt
  • 2017 Hawaii; France; Egypt; Delphi, Greece; Salta, Argentina; Bolivia; Peru
  • 2016 Egypt; Mt. Shasta, CA; Kilimanjaro, Tanzania; Bali, Indonesia
  • 2015 Mt. Shasta, CA; Salta, Argentina
  • 2014 Salta, Argentina; Mt. Shasta, CA; Egypt
  • 2013 Salta, Argentina; Egypt
  • 2012 Salta, Argentina
  • 2011 Salta, Argentina; Peru; Nepal
  • 2010 Mongolia; Egypt; Peru; Hawaii
  • 2009 Ireland; Sri Lanka
  • 2008 Ireland; Georgia; Peru; Cape Town, South Africa; Giza & Sinai, Egypt
  • 2007 Ushuaia, Argentina; Peru; Bali, Indonesia
  • 2006 Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania; Guam, South Pacific
  • 2005 Peru; Madeira, Portugal; Egypt
  • 2004 Guatemala; Peru