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Divine Feminine at Ephesus. This ancient city in western Turkey was once home to the most magnificent temple to the divine feminine; it was the Temple of Artemus. For the ancient Greeks, Artemus was the twin sister of Apollo (known to the Romans as Diana).

Egypt: October 15-26, 2018 Gary led a workshop along the Nile and a spiritual pilgrimage to Ancient Egypt’s most sacred temples. This is the time of awakening Oneness. In this pilgrimage we returned to the ancient temples to empower our next stage of evolution and to give birth to a new level of consciousness. In the teachings of the ancient Mystery Schools, the Nile represented the tube of light that runs along the spine of a human being. The river is a metaphor for the flow of consciousness from its base in the Earth to its opening in the sea. Our pilgrimage along the Nile is also a journey of consciousness. And as the Nile once brought rebirth with its flood each year, we journey to bring rebirth of ourselves as the people of a new Golden Age. And as Ra once ruled in the Golden Age of Egypt’s prehistory, we must be governed by our own divine nature.