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LM. Live Meditations

LM15 Equinox: Balancing Four Fundamental Earth Energies (44:53)

We honor the Earth’s equinox by focusing our meditation on balance—balance in our relationship with the Earth, balance with the fundamental energies of the Earth, and especially balance in the midst of the Earth’s transition to a new era. We will first blend our consciousness with the Earth in an embrace of Oneness. Then we will call the four fundamental energies of the Earth to help us in achieving balance in our lives. In these ways, we embrace the wisdom of our Earth as a teacher to help us perfect our way of living, and we align ourselves with the Earth in the great transition to a new era of consciousness.


V16 The Virus Teaches Us (5:13)

Being in quarantine gives us a chance to reflect on our situation—and maybe to separate ourselves from society’s collective anxiety. The virus is actually a neutral thing that reflects back to us our projections of worry and fear. During this time, it is important for us to stay in balance within ourselves and to focus on ourselves as spiritual beings. In that way we can influence others to stay balanced, and we strengthen our capacity to build on these experiences to make a better world.

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Self Healing

BB00 About Bubbles (8:02)

Why is ‘breaking bubbles’ important to you? How bubbles sustain your limitations and produce repeating patterns of behavior in your life is described. Breaking bubbles frees you to find other paths in your life and to liberate your consciousness.

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Before you start work with the Spheres of Antares, you might want to take a few minutes to read this introduction written by Gary and Ulla.

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A00 About the Antares Spheres (3:55)

This is a quick prolog to help everyone who hasn’t experienced the Antares Spheres. Gary shares the most important reasons why the Antares Spheres can be useful in your spiritual evolution.


M01 About Gary (13:18)

From the Peruvian shamans to the American healer Amorah Quan Yin, Gary shares the story of his teachers, his spiritual awakening, and how he came to be a healer.