Watch as Tony Raw discusses Namibian Crystals with Gary Kendall.

Tony Raw is interviewed by Gary Kendall about the special crystals found in the Namibian desert. And they journey out together to meet the miners and see how the crystals are found and mined.

Setting Metatron’s Sphere

Metatron’s sphere is a dynamic and multidimensional energy form. Here Gary leads in setting space with Metatron’s sphere and taking advantage of its capacity to connect us with Universal Heart Energy.

Healing the Constructed Self

From Wesak 2016 in Mt. Shasta: The constructed self is the outward identity that we each create. It is a functional aspect of the energy field, an essential part of everyone. Gary here describes and illustrates how we can better understand and heal what we have created

Developing Your Wisdom Through the Wisdom of the Earth

From Wesak 2015 in Mt. Shasta: Wisdom must have a foundation. We all long to walk the earth and to live our lives in wisdom. And from where does such wisdom arise?

Reaching the Next Level

From Wesak 2015 in Mt. Shasta: To bring our lives up to the next level, we need to clear away the unseen barriers we carry within ourselves. The goal is to activate our highest capacities to help us steer our lives in alignment with our highest divine plan.