New Earth Vision
The Evolution of Humanity and the Earth in Oneness

Right now Gary is working on a continuation of Stories from the New Earth.

Read the story ‘Journey of the Navigator’ here.

Or Gary’s most intriguing spiritual story: ‘Time Capsule.’

‘Stories from the New Earth’ is also an Audio Book read by Gary!

Fiction inspired by important spiritual themes

A collection of 12 Short Stories about people making the transition to living in the 5th-dimensional world of the New Earth.

Fun and Inspiring!

 Touching and Revealing!

Thought Provoking and Full of Surprises!

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Workshops Being Offered in 2021-2022

Hands-On Healing (online)

An Online Course In Awakening Your Healing Capacities.
This is a course that will enable you to express your healing capacities in the most simple and natural way. It introduces you to how to use your hands’ healing capacities and how to open the flow of divine healing energies through you.
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Professional Training (FSP 3)

Professional Training will help you develop and expand your healing capacities with an eye on working with clients. When you begin working as an independent healer and you are receiving your own clients, you are the one who essentially sets the agenda for the healing sessions. December 4-5, 2021; January 22-23, 2022; February 12-13, 2022.
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Opening Your Ka Channels

The Ka body is our divine double, and opening the Ka channels enables you to become the living embodiment of your Higher Self expressed through your physical form. Dates to be announced.
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Travels 2021-2022

Egypt, 2021-2022

With an emphasis on the spiritual teachings of Osiris and Isis, we will be visiting Luxor, Karnak, Abidos, and Dandara.

Events Before Covid-19

Sacred Masculine at International Storytelling Festival

Gary presented a workshop entitled ‘Invitation to the Sacred Masculine.’ August 2, Örsundsbro, Sweden. This was one event in the

Pilgrimage to Egypt & to Ephesus

Read about Gary's and Ulla's Trips to Ephesus and Egypt on Facebook.  Divine Feminine at Ephesus. This ancient city in western

Namibia and Table Mountain

Read about Gary's and Ulla's journey into the Namibian desert and their return to Table Mountain on Facebook [ ].



The New Earth—we know it is coming. Something is coming. We can feel it stirring deep within our hearts. It is like a new sun rising up on the very edge of the horizon. Even if the light of this new sun has not touched our skin, our eyes sense its illumination in the periphery of our vision. And we struggle to bring this something into clear focus—to see the outlines and to grasp its details of the great spiritual evolution that is on the horizon.

Discover the personal meditations and self-healing practices that help you to build your personal connection to the New Earth.
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A fresh and moving new perspective on your healing and spiritual evolution!  At the heart of this book are stories about the healings of people who have found a way to break through the persistent obstacles in their lives and to step into a different relationship with their identity and their spiritual life. This book inspires the kind of insights and experiences that will take you to a place of greater security and optimism on your spiritual path.