Sacred Masculine at International Storytelling Festival

Gary presented a workshop entitled ‘Invitation to the Sacred Masculine.’ August 2, Örsundsbro, Sweden. This was one event in the 6th International Storytelling Festival devoted to the theme of the ‘sacred masculine’.

Pilgrimage to Egypt & to Ephesus

Read about Gary’s and Ulla’s Trips to Ephesus and Egypt on Facebook.  Divine Feminine at Ephesus. This ancient city in western Turkey was once home to the most magnificent temple to the divine feminine; it was the Temple of Artemus. For the ancient Greeks, Artemus was the twin sister of Apollo (known to the Romans […]

Namibia and Table Mountain

Read about Gary’s and Ulla’s journey into the Namibian desert and their return to Table Mountain on Facebook [ ].

Gary and Ulla at Table Mountain in South Africa

The Light of Antares and the City of Light at Cape Town. In the era before humans, Table Mountain was the meeting place of the Intergalactic Council for Earth’s evolution. This is the true cradle of humanity’s physical form, because this is the place from which the Syrians, Pleiadians, and other star people started the […]

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Gary at Wesak

Gary will be a featured speaker at the WESAK conference in Mt. Shasta, California, May 20-22. If you are interested in attending, tickets and information are available at

Egypt Adventure

It has been some time since Ulla and I did earthwork like we used to. But it seems that our connection to Goddess Antares has led us to a new kind of earthwork. We recently returned from Egypt where we did work in Giza. We also began working with Metatron’s Sphere. Click above to read!

Returned to Stockholm

Ulla and I have returned from Argentina, and we are settling back into Stockholm. I hope that you had a chance to see some of our videos on our Facebook page.  We have been very productive with our meditations and writings, and we hope to share more soon!  Stay tuned!

Returning to Argentina

This autumn Ulla and Gary will be traveling again to Argentina. Will be back trekking into the canyons of the Quebrada de las Conchas and other places where the spirits live. We hope to bring new insights and many stories back with us to share with all our friends!

MED Workshop was great

Ulla and Gary joined a workshop led by Richard Bartlett that was extremely useful. The workshop called M.E.D. (Master Energy Dynamics) was an outgrowth of Richard’s work as a chiropractor and focused on body healing. We learned a great deal that we can incorporate into our work!

Return From Wesak & Mt. Shasta

Gary and Ulla recently returned from Mt. Shasta, CA, where Gary gave two presentations at the Wesak festival. These will be available on YouTube very soon!

Events in Sweden!

Gary will be speaking at Vattumannen book store April 9 on “Reaching the Next Level.” Gary and Ulla are hosting a meeting of the Development Group, June 5-7. Information on Vattumannen here.

Events in Sweden!!!

The February issue of Nära magazine will feature an article on Ulla and Gary. Information on Nära here.  

Gary at WESAK Festival in Mt. Shasta.

Gary will be a featured speaker at the WESAK conference in Mt. Shasta, California, May 1-3. If you are interested in attending, tickets and information are available here.